Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LOVE IT| WISH IT|| SHOP IT... Nike Free 5.0 black| white| anthracite

What a treat. JD Sports asked me to try out a pair of trainers they propose on their website [click here] and of course I went with an elegant black and white optical choice. I'm not used at all to comfortable footwear since I normally pass my life in high heels, so I'm afraid that wearing my new Nikes in the weekends will totally spoil me, since I've never tried on so comfortable running shoes. The Nike Free 5.0 running shoe bears the comfort concept within its name. The extreme lightweight of this style, the breathability of the flyknit mesh and the high flexible outsole provides an incredible sense of freedom and wearing them feels like walking barefoot. I went with a black pair, since allows me to wear it with my usual neutral color range of clothes, but they actually come in a huge range of different colors.