Tuesday, July 20, 2010

INSPIRATION 'Interiors' Woody Allen 1978... FW 2010//11 trend minimalism

A visual inspiration to this seasons minimalism trend can be found in Woody Allen’s movie INTERIORS from 1978. It talks about the interiors of its characters, but at the same time about the architectural interiors of their environment…all cold, plain and sterile. The movie is a real mood board in motion, in which every single shot is beautiful and stylish, while it talks about the lack of emotions or happiness.
It looks and sounds very much like an Ingmar Bergman film...with its protagonists, who are members of a middle-class New York family, socially disconnected from the world around them as they are emotionally and psychically disconnected from themselves and from one another. The clothes here are perfect for a late 70ties costume research, with its American understated city style, where everything is reduced to its most fundamental but sophisticated features, all in cool grey, black and beige tones.
[Minimalism is a twentieth century art movement and style, that emphasizes the idea of reducing. Every work is stripped down to the minimum number of colors, values, shapes, lines and textures. No attempt is made to represent or symbolize any other objects or experience.]