Sunday, September 23, 2012

INSPIRATION André Courrèges... Moschino SS//2013

Sometimes it is not simple to establish where to draw the line between inspiration and a simple rip-off. This might be the case while examining the latest Moschino SS//2013 collection [all rights], inspired by the work of design colleagues from the 60ties, like André Courrèges for instance [all lefts].

André Courrèges is a French fashion designer, known for his ultra-modern designs. At the age of 25, after studying to be a civil engineer, he went to Paris to work at Geanne Lafaurie fashion design house and later also at Balenciaga. He launched the famous 'Space Age' collection with his label in 1964. The shapes of his clothes were geometric: squares, trapezoids, circles and triangles. The main features of his boxy, uncluttered look spread quickly throughout the fashion world, especially the miniskirt, which he introduced to France. [Both designers actually, Courrèges and the British Mary Quant, lay claim until today to the invention of the miniskirt.]