Saturday, June 29, 2013

INSPIRATION Robert Morris 1965… Dior Homme SS||2014

This wonderful mirror cube installation "Untitled' created in 1965 by conceptual artist Robert Morris [left], might have been an inspiration to the stage design of the SS||2014 Dior Homme fashion show [right]. The designer of the collection Kris Van Assche said that with the hall of mirrors he wanted to mimick the glinting Miami skyline.
Morris’s Minimalist sculptures of the mid-1960s consist of rigorously pared down geometric forms. He typically arranged these into ‘situations’ where ‘one is aware of one’s own body at the same time that one is aware of the piece’. This work demonstrates the principle. As the viewer walks around the four cubes, their mirrored surfaces produce complex and shifting interactions between gallery and spectator. The cubes were originally installed in the garden at Tate for Morris’s 1971 exhibition, but were put on show in the galleries when the exhibition had to be re-made with substitute works.