Wednesday, July 24, 2013

INSPIRATION Zara SS||2013… Dion Lee resort SS||2014

Can this be true or am I missing a step? Might this be the first time Zara could be the victim (!) of a rip-off? Fact is, that these white asymmetric Zara shorts were in the stores this summer [right], while the same looking white asymmetric skirt by Australian designer Dion Leer has been presented just recently within his resort SS||2014 collection [left]. My doubt is, that there might be an even earlier and original version that I did not have come across.

... Some time of research later I've found my missing step: the original asymmetric skirt version has been designed by Dion Lee for his SS||2012 collection [left] and after becoming a kind of IT-item it has turned into his signature skirt. Still I am asking myself if the creation of the new resort SS||2014 skirt [right above] has been influenced by the success of Zara's version of it.