Friday, November 7, 2014

THANK YOU ZARA!… Prada FW 2010||11 and Zara FW 2014||15

Everybody in fashion knows and loves the memorable scene in ’The devil wears Prada” in which is explained the Trickle-down theory of trends [to read the transcript of the whole scene click here]. The practical example chosen by Miranda Priestly to explain the Trickle-down structure, was the cerulean sweater her intern Andrea was wearing. It was therefore very funny that a few years later Prada [left] actually included a similar sweater in their FW 2010||11 collection, and even funnier is the fact that the trickle-down effect just completed itself by being proposed by Zara for FW2014||15 [right]. But since we are already at it: Oscar della Renta has not shown in 2002 cerulean gowns and neither has Yves Saint Laurent followed this color lead by proposing cerulean military jackets.