Monday, September 19, 2011

INSPIRATION Andy Warhol 1964... Diane von Fürstenberg SS//2012

SS//2012 will be the season of prints...we can already tell  no, even if we only just half the way through the fashion weeks. Diane von Fürstenberg has elaborated lots of different patterns in her summer collection [right], but this particular one might have been inspired by the famous flower paintings series by Andy Warhol from 1964 [left].
Andy Warhol's Flowers were based on a color photograph of hibiscus blossoms taken by Patricia Caulfield which appeared in the June 1964 issue of Modern Photography magazine. When Caulfield saw Warhol's Flowers, she brought a lawsuit against the artist and was offered two sets of Flowers portfolios as payment for use of her work, but she declined the offer and a cash settlement was arranged.

With this post I recommend the books:
Andy Warhol Treasures by Geralyn Huxley
Diane Von Furstenberg: The Wrap by André Leon Telly