Sunday, June 22, 2014

INSPIRATION Roberta di Camerino 1975… Prada SS||2015

Just a view hours ago Miuccia Prada presented her amazing menswear collection that focused on large top stitchings in contrasting colors, and featured also some womenswear outfits [right]. Obviously what comes to mind are the trompe l'oeil designs from Roberta di Camerino, like this knitwear dress from 1975 [left].

Roberta di Camerino was an Italian fashion designer who founded her brand in Venice in 1945. The label is principally known for its trompe l'oeil designs and velvet handbags. Roberta di Camerino's designs were renowned for their innovativeness. They used richly patterned and coloured fabrics that had formerly been only used for clothing.In 1946, she made a bag patterned with a trellis of R's, foreshadowing Gucci's G's and in 1964, she made a handbag with an articulated frame that was later reproduced by Prada. Her designs were widely copied. Although this upset her, Coco Chanel reassured her, telling her not to cry about being copied, but to 'cry the day they don't copy you'.