Wednesday, June 18, 2014

INSPIRATION Saint Laurent FW 2014||15... Marc Jacobs Resort SS||2015

The similarities might be subtle between the Saint Laurent FW 2014||15 collection [all lefts] and Marc Jacobs' resort 2015 [all rights], but even that is too much similarity in my opinion. When fast fashion brands like ZARA [click here] and Topshop get more than inspired by the work of a current star designer of the fashion system like Hedi Slimane, there is nothing wrong about it. Actually it is part of the trickle-down effect of fad trends. But in my opinion Marc Jacobs is a star designer himself and shouldn't he avoid to get in his collections inspired by the [very recognizable] style of a competitor? Didn't he leave Louis Vuitton because he needed to strengthen his own brand and to give it back the strong identity that maybe has gotten lost for a period? I do not think that this is happening yet. His first new Marc by Marc Jacobs collection for FW 2014||15 designed by Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier had already some copyright issues as reported by me [click here], and I hoped in his first line he would do better actually. I'm a 90ties girl and so I grew up with the genius side of Marc Jacobs, and I loved so much what he did with fashion and in fashion. I hope it will get better.