Sunday, October 2, 2016

INSPIRATION Yves Klein 1960... Céline SS||2017

Fresh from the runway comes an eye catching art inspiration transplanted by Phoebe Philo from canvas on graceful flowing gowns. Todays Céline show was all about body shapes and volumes, therefore the electric blue Yves Klein print [right] stands out like an anthem to the concept of the collection. The blue body shape is inspired by the painting series “Anthropometrie de l’époque bleue” from 1960 [left], produced by having nude women douse themselves in his signature blue paint before they imprinted and dragged their bodies across canvases in front of an audience. To see the performance please click here. I wonder if Philo got the inspiration after visiting this years "Performing for the Camera" exhibition at the Tate Modern where many Yves Klein performances were documented.